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The first company to manufacture automatic sugar dispensers

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The first company to manufacture automatic sugar dispensers


Improve operational performance and efficiency

The majority of coffees served in stores do not have the right amount of sugar every time and this often leaves guests dissatisfied.

If a business wants to serve even better coffee, surely the sugar-coffee ratio should be right every single day.

With JUST automatic dispensers, the right amount of sugar is achieved every time, resulting in the ultimate guest experience, convenience of the barista, increased profit and customer loyalty due to exceptional coffee quality.

The result is a great competitive advantage!

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The innovative JUST automatic sugar dispensers are aimed at every business that serves coffee and wants to upgrade the quality of its services achieving uniformity and at the same time increase its profits, reducing dissatisfied customers.

We know from experience that all guests have a special preference regarding the sweetness or consistency of their perfect coffee. If the barista exceeds the perfect balance then this coffee will not satisfy the guests.

Our dispensers are designed with ease of use and increased production speed in mind. Their simple operation makes the required training of your staff a short and one-time process, during the first installation of the dispenser.

The professional barista has to cope with a large volume of production on a daily basis, with the sole aim of the perfect drink / coffee.

The majority of coffee drinks made in Greece contain sugar. Therefore, the right amount of sugar must be achieved to keep the customer satisfied. Unfortunately, this is still not the case today (see JUST SOLUTIONS research).

Although investment in coffee equipment and training has increased in recent years, there is the exact portion of sugar in each coffee is still a weak spot. Especially when sugar determines its enjoyment (see conclusion).

With JUST automatic dispensers, the modern barista automatically receives the right amount of sugar, being free to devote all their attention and art to making the right coffee!

Increase profits & quality

A coffee company, intertwined with good, quality coffee, by providing its customers with innovative sugar dispensers, achieves the best possible coffee served to consumers and definitely has multiple benefits:

  • Improve the quality of your coffee.


  • Limiting inconsistencies = improved final product.


  • Maintaining coffee outlets.


  • Increase in kilo consumption in an existing clientele.


  • Easier expansion of clientele.


  • Differentiate your company with the average coffee company.


  • Connecting your company with innovation and development.


In our highly competitive, Greek market, a very large number of companies compete for coffee sale points by increasing their amenities, as coffee quality alone does not always guarantee business.


It is known, even if a customer “locks” with a coffee company, in the future they may choose another company, which offers a more “tempting” package of benefits or due to public relations.


An automatic dispenser as an amenity to existing and new customers leaves both parties happy as it improves the quality of coffee and both the business owner and the coffee company win.

Our company conducted an in-depth, 2-year research on a sample of 3,000 people, men & women aged 18-65, in a large shopping centre of Thessaloniki – Mediterranean Cosmos,

a place that offers a sample from all parts of Greece.

We know from experience that all guests have a special preference regarding the sweetness or consistency of their perfect coffee. Our research proves this in the question:

Until today, even if there has been a certain level of consistency in the amount of sugar contained in a medium to sweet coffee (which differs from barista to barista and from coffee place to coffee place), we are talking about two sweetness scales that actually represent 36% of the tastes.

8% drinks their coffee plain and the remaining 56% of the sample prefers different levels of sweetness, which cannot be conveyed accurately when ordering.

Compromising without protesting

More than half have to lower their standards when it comes to the coffee they drink. The aforementioned 36% of the medium-sweet group also has to settle, as they do not drink consistently medium-sweet due to lack of consistency in each business.

The consumer compromise emerges from the same research and is proven by the question:

Unfortunately the average consumer does not complain and gives the impression that they are absolutely happy, which is not always the case.

On the contrary, they are displeased mainly because of the sugar containers with the spoon that present serious weaknesses.

Over 80% of coffee consumers in Greece (JUST SOLUTIONS survey) drink their coffee with sugar and really enjoy it when the sugar is to their liking.

As you can see from the example below, the correct and consistent sugar portion is so important that it can greatly determine the enjoyment of coffee.


Suppose a coffee shop uses the best combination of ingredients to make a coffee:

  • Excellent quality coffee
  • A very good espresso machine and a precision grinder
  • Good water quality with the application of special filters
  • A well-trained barista in coffee making.



If a consumer asks for a coffee of medium sweetness, and is served one that does not meet these requirements, then the guest will certainly be dissatisfied and will form a negative opinion about coffee.


* JUST SOLUTIONS informs that the above are more perceptible to consumers who drink their coffee with sugar and not to those who drink their coffee plain.

** Most consumers prefer their coffee with sugar.

Sugar cans and teaspoonsJUST Automatic Sugar Dispenser
Wrong sugar dosagesStability and accuracy in sugar dosages
Dependence on the hand of each manufacturerIndependence from the hand of the manufacturer – a common product by all staff
Confusion of materialsGuaranteed separation of materials
Frequent crystallization of sugarProper recycling and maintenance of materials
Inability to properly recycle materials, loss of aroma / freshness of coffeePreservation of aromas / freshness of coffee
Small container capacity, frequent downtime for refuellingMore than double the capacity of materials
Messy space messRegular and tidy cooking area
Waste of raw materialsEconomy of raw materials
Coffee returns 

Benefits of Acquiring a JUST Sugar Dispenser

No more stressful, time-consuming and ineffective training
Provides guests with the right amount of sugar each time via highly accurate dispensing technology
Prevents countertop spills and keeps coffee stations clean
Has a compact footprint that takes up minimal space on your coffee bar or counter
Consistent product to all customers
Faster customer service
Eliminates excess sugar usage and waste typically associated with individual sugar packets
Satisfied customers


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