At JUST SOLUTIONS we know that good coffee is a valuable daily pleasure.

But how often stores offer you coffees with failed sugar doses? How often are you forced to give explanations…about how you drink your coffee and how many times are you really happy with the result? 

The New JUST System stops bad proportions of sugar and turns page at coffee intustry. A page that you drink your coffee as like you desire it!

Find your JUST number from the sweetness scale and order “one double espresso JUST 2 or one cappuccino JUST 7(where JUST 1 is the least sugar portion and JUST 10 is the very sweet) and enjoy your coffee as like you desire, every time, at all stores with our brand!


Fast orders and perfect sugar proportions, always, without mistakes and without deviations!

Get on the JUST map and search for the nearest JUST SPOT !

Find your neighborhood's


Enjoy your coffee to the professionals who bring our brand. Discover all the stores that are JUST SPOTS
easily and simply from your computer, tablet or even your smartphone.

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