At JUST SOLUTIONS we are inspired by coffee and foster innovation. We design and manufacture professional equipment, with the aim of improving the services we provide to entrepreneurs, but also upgrading the taste of coffee that we all enjoy.

Every JUST machine is the result of multifaceted research and continuous testing by a strong team of scientists and technicians, who work diligently to create impeccable machines, with innovative operation and cutting-edge design.

Our company is constantly developing and evolving its products, investing in research and technology. Constant and direct communication with our customers is a philosophy and an incentive for our development, so that we can always provide them with what they really need.

As part of our product development process, we’re constantly monitoring market trends and listening to our customers.

Our vision is to provide solutions to the problems of coffee, eliminating the mistakes that affect its enjoyment and systematising the excellent way of its production, while creating new possibilities in the field of coffee and catering.


JUST SOLUTIONS innovative machines have been designed by dedicated professionals to incorporate flawless ergonomics and modern design features.

The machines of JUST SOLUTIONS are made of high-quality materials and meet demanding, everyday use, while the variety of sizes, makes them easy to use and suitable for any professional environment.

With a minimalistic structure and elegant two-tone colours, they give style and aesthetically upgrade all spaces.


Global innovation, with recognised technical originality and mechanical perfection, JUST devices eliminate spoons and give a final solution to the problem of poor sugar content in each coffee, but also to the mistakes due to the barista.

By stabilising the portions, they give complete control to the final product, offering constant quality to the consumer, ease and speed in the production and economy of raw materials in the business.

Their operating system has been designed according to the needs of the average barista and has been tested for months serving millions of coffees aiming at:
accuracy – speed – reliability.


JUST devices ensure:

The uniqueness of our machines, are designed for the needs of the professional and in combination with the advantages they have constitute an ideal choice for your business.

Fast Return of Investment

Improved performance, satisfied customers and an increase in customers equals to a sure return on profit.


They improve and stabilise the final product, giving the ideal taste, Every Single Time.

Easy to use

An easy-to-use, fully functional control panel can be used by anyone, making staff training unnecessary and ensuring fast and trouble-free production.


They support systematic and error-free production, significantly increasing the speed of customer service.


Thanks to the wide hopper, the filling of the raw materials is simple and easy, while the capacity of the container ensures the long duration of use, relieving the production from frequent interruptions. (suggestion: Sugar hopper can be filled in place for quick and easy refills)

Easy to clean

Made of special materials and with removable components, makes cleaning fast and simple quickly and without the risk of wear.

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